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The Solution

ChromaDose will be the latest generation of drug monitoring technology. 

An automated desktop device will provide a universal platform that conducts rapid testing with our disposable medicine-specific cartridge.  

These hardware components are combined with an easy-to-use software interface and advanced image analysis, that deliver market leading performance in medicine exposure measurement.  


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Technical Advantages


Small footprint, hermetically sealed and requiring only a mains supply.

Fully automated

From blood sample insertion to medicine exposure readout. 



Internally standardised and calibrated. Sensitive to clinical concentration ranges for both target drug and key metabolite



From blood sample insertion to medicine exposure readout. 


Results within 30-minutes from sample insertion. 

Benefits to Care

Enabling earlier medicines optimisation 


Doctors will be informed of patient medicine exposure in near real time, supporting timely and agile dose adjustments to safer and more effective levels. 

Serving under-represented populations


Generation of medicine exposure information on children with cancer at scale that was previously unavailable or in short supply.    

Improving data standards  


Standardisation of the drug monitoring process will reduce site-to-site variation and handling errors. This generates data libraries which are easy to compare and can be used to predict accurate doses. 

Reducing costs to healthcare 

ChromaDose offers up to a 75-fold cost reduction to current drug monitoring solutions. This is in addition to a reduced inpatient healthcare burden from improved health outcomes and reduced adverse drug-related events. 

Improving process ownership 


Point-of-care access and simple analysis enables patients, nurses and doctors to own the treatment monitoring process. This is key for improving patient experiences and supporting widespread use.  

Wider-scale drug monitoring and multi-patient benefit 

Versatility allows for expansion beyond the anthracycline drug class. Satellite devices bring drug monitoring to the patient bedside irrespective of location.   

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