Stefan Guldin


Project Lead

Dr Stefan Guldin is an Associate Professor at UCL and heads the Adaptive and Responsive Nanomaterials Group. Stefan’s research has led to the development of the technology to its current proof-of-concept status. 

Alaric Taylor


Innovation and design lead

Dr Alaric Taylor is CTO of Vesynta, possessing expertise in electrical engineering, physical chemistry and photonic systems, evidenced by a PhD, postdoctoral prize fellowship and MRes qualifications in respective subject matters.

Jugal Suthar


Programme Manager & 

Technology Transfer Lead

Dr Jugal Suthar has a background as a clinical pharmacist in NHS, big-pharma and community pharmacy settings, where he has witnessed integration of medical devices with patients at first hand.

Gareth Veal

Gareth Veal.jpg

Project Lead

Gareth Veal is Professor of cancer pharmacology, head of the NCCPG, an executive board member of the NUCC and a lead on early phase clinical trials in childhood cancers.

Pamela Kearns


Chief Clinical Advisor

Professor Pamela Kearns is Director of CRUK CTU, Director of the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences at the University of Birmingham and Honorary Paediatric Oncologist at Birmingham Women and Children’s Hospital

Julia Chisholm


Clinical Oversight

Dr Julia Chisholm is Team Leader in Sarcoma Clinical Trials in Children and Young People at the Institute of Cancer Research. She is also a Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at The Royal Marsden, where she is Head of the Children and Young People’s Unit.

Deirdre Leyden

PPI Rep (Children)

Deirdre Leyden is PPI lead for research at GOSH BRC. She will assist in the organisation of4PPI sessions with the GOSH Young Persons Advisory Group for the project life cycle.

Neil Ranasinghe

PPI Rep (Parents)

Neil Ranasinghe is a parent of a child diagnosed with ALL and leads PORT, a parent/patient advocacy group that review clinical trial documentation and advise clinicians on aspects of clinical trials.

Ami Bedi

Dev and Procedure Input

Ami Bedi is a Senior Research Nurse at GOSH who has experience in managing chemotherapy based clinical trials for the paediatric population.

Melody Ni

Decision Analyst

Dr Melody Ni is a Senior Research Fellow in Department of Surgery & Cancer and serves as our Health Tech Assessment correspondent at the NIHR London IVD Cooperative.

Shelby Barnett


Research Associate

Dr Shelby Barnett is research associated based in the NCCPG facility with a background in Clinical Pharmacology

Phillip Berry

Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 11.24.38.png

Bioanalytical oversight

Philip Berry is research associate based in the Newcastle University facility, with over 10 years of experience in analytical method development, assay validation and troubleshooting of hardware and software

Janette Steele 

PPI Oversight

Janette Steele OBE is principal at Chelsea Community Hospital School and serve on the project advisory board. 

Neil Davidson

PPI Representative

Neil Davidson is The Medical Lead of the Young Person’s Advisory Group North England (YPAGne) and is a Consultant General Paediatrician at the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle.

Stuart Ibsen

Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 10.57.44.png

Technology Oversight

Dr Stuart Ibsen is Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University. His research focuses on early cancer treatment, biomarker screening and bio-sensing

Pinkie Chambers


Pharmacology Oversight

Pinkie Chambers is a Lead Pharmacist in Applied Health Research Cancer Services, Joint Chair of the Chemotherapy Expert Reference group in North Central and North East London Cancer Collaborative and member of the UK Chemotherapy Board.

Sebastien Mussalian


Human Factors Design

Sebastien Mussalian is CEO of Pix Medical, an award-winning device development consultancy, with a focus on connected technologies for the healthcare industry

Sue Spencer

Sue .jpg

Regulatory Consultant

Sue Spencer and her colleagues from QServe are medical device and IVD regulatory specialists. Sue was involved in the drafting of the incoming IVDR legislation.

Yuriy Nakonechnyy


Ux/Ui Software Dev

Sombra Software LLP are a software development company, with an impressive portfolio of front-end development, with integration into devices and web-based platforms.

Frederic Irigaray

Digital Content Creator

Frederic Irigaray is a Freelance Creative professional, who specialises in creating film, apps, infographics and website suitable for young audience

Massimo Micocci


Human Factors

Dr Massimo Micocci is a Research Associate in Human Factors at the NIHR London IVD Cooperative with expertise in applying human-centred design methods to evaluate the usability and feasibility of diagnostic tools.