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Advancing a bedside blood-testing tool to support personalisation of cancer treatment in children. 

What is the project aim?

ChromaDose brings together UK patients, doctors and researchers for 30-months, to develop a bedside drug monitoring technology, enabling optimal dosing in childhood cancer.  


Our vision is for all children receiving anthracycline anti-cancer medicines to benefit from the safety and effectiveness of personalised treatment.  

How would ChromaDose work?

  • The technology will assist a nurse in taking a few drops of blood at different times.  

  • These samples are inserted into the ChromaDose bedside device using our innovative test cassette.  

  • The machine will automatically measure the amount of drug within each blood drop. 

  • With this information, ChromaDose can calculate the patient's drug 'exposure'. 

How would treatment change?

Drug exposure shows how each patient is processing their treatment, allowing us to predict if the patient will experience unwanted side effects and how successful the drug will be.  


This will encourage doctors to make easier and more routine decisions of whether to adjust the amount of drug given to each child.  


Such a personalised approach has the potential to improve the health outcomes and experiences of patients, elevating the standard of care for children with cancer.  

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