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Workshop with YPAG North England - Mar 21

On 11th March the ChromaDose team conducted a Young Person’s Advisory Group (YPAG) meeting with YPAG North England (NE). The Young Person's Advisory Group North England (YPAG NE) meets monthly in the Great North Children’s Hospital to make sure that research is young people friendly. After our Pre-Award YPAG session, this was the first of two insightful follow-up sessions with YPAGs.

A snapshot of some of the YPAG NE attendees

Before the YPAG NE online workshop, participants were sent an online questionnaire, which shaped the meeting. After going through the results, we turned to the online interactive whiteboard. The slides contained a number of prompt questions including themes as: blood sampling, confidence in technology and effective involvement of the patient and public. Participants were encouraged to share their thoughts and concerns on each topic on the interactive whiteboard followed by a short and more in depths questionnaire.

The answers were thoughtful and eye-opening, with a focus on patients being informed and reassured of the process. These findings will unquestionably support our iterative design process.

What were the most interesting insights?

We were amazed by the level of engagement and interest and the authenticity and honesty of the answers. Participants came up with a number of ideas which, as researchers not directly participating in the care pathway would be unaware of.

How will the results of this session affect the project?

These results will be pivotal in guiding the technology and manner in which we engage with stakeholders. During the YPAG sessions, follow-up questions that arose from the questionnaire exercise will be answered. It’s important that this is a two-way process and everyone is learning something.

There are plans to set up more sessions like this in the future, including one on the design of an informational leaflet about ChromaDose. Moreover, subject to COVID-19 restrictions, there is the possibility of a face to face session about the blood testing procedure.

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