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  • Asyia Iftikhar

Virtual Ward Visit: Birmingham Women and Children's Hospital - Feb 21

Patient care is a priority for the ChromaDose Team. This was highlighted on February 12th where we conducted a virtual ward visit with a group of healthcare professionals from the Birmingham Women and Children’s Hospital. As we enter phase 1 of prototyping, gaining input from users and adapting the technology is a vital consideration in the process. In particular, this ward visit provided an insight into the patient’s journey and routes for integration with hospital infrastructure.

Ward Visit

Through gaining insight from a wide range of stakeholder voices, clinical staff that joined the ChromaDose team for this session included: paediatric oncologists, advanced nurse practitioners, oncology researchers and ward managers. We explored a number of topics around feasibility, current bottlenecks and desired changes. This led to an in-depth conversation about the hands-on process of drug monitoring and data processing, gaining an insight into time restraints and logistical information.

After a fruitful discussion, we were able to consider active steps to create a device that worked ‘on the ground’, including; bedside usage of device, tracking systems for patient sample security and adoption of minimally invasive protocols.

The support from staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Birmingham University was invaluable in mapping a route to clinical integration. This is the beginning of a number of visits across the UK as we consider the variations of patient numbers and facilities across the country.

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