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Bring Your Child to Work- Day at UCL

On Saturday, the 11th of June 2022, ChromaDose offered a hands-on workshop for parents and their primary aged children as part of the UCL Bring Your Child to Work Day.

Children between 2 and 9 years old were divided in 2 groups and had the chance to get a first and playful (at least for the youngest ones!) introduction to Chromatography.

A short presentation and prototype demonstration by project lead Prof Stefan Guldin on chromatography was followed by a video that outlined the planned colour separation activity (link). The children then made butterflies using coffee filters, water and coloured pens and pipe cleaners and, evidently, had lots of fun exploring the different colours separating and spreading over the paper and turning their own chromatograms into beautiful butterflies!

The event was an important first step of the ChromaDose outreach agenda and served as a successful trial activity for the upcoming Bloomsbury Festival.

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